Rafn Sig,- is an Icelandic Landscape and Nature Documentary Photographer living just a few kilometers outside the Capital of Reykjavík. Where nature surrounds him and he only needs to walk a few minutes to some of the most beautiful places Iceland has to offer. His goal is to document the raw nature for the coming generation to show them what we have or are destroying. His fascination with the Icelandic nature and geologic diversity is endless. Although he has been photographing Iceland for more than thirty years now, he finds the magic is still around the corner and he understands it will take more than a lifetime to finish the job.

 He has published 8 books called “Wild Iceland – the untouched nature”. Each book focuses on the collection of the best of the sensational nature of the individual parts of Iceland; these eight books contain photographs of the south, southwest, west, and Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, north, east, west fjord and the highlands.

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( His Videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC21yBE6h4nV4EmdX7NX2Mzg/videos )

 His photos have been displayed on front pages of various magazines, postcards and he has been awarded on several occasions for his photography and documentation.

 One thing he does not like, is photo competitions and he never enters them, but that’s just him.

 He’s doing private One-on-One Photo / Photo workshops tours in Iceland If you care to join him. ( https://www.icelandphotoimages.com )

  He is running his own stock photography store “Iceland Stock Photos” https://www.IcelandStockPhotos.com  


Feel free to send him request if you like to book a photography tour, or purchase images, books or other requests.

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Rafn Sig,- can be contacted by mail at rafnsig@simnet.is  or by phone at +354 897 2108